Painless Dentist in Philadelphia, PA

Many people cringe at the idea of seeing the dentist and a lot of people actually don’t get the proper dental care they need because they are fearful. Whether you’ve had bad experiences with dentists in the past or you have just heard horror stories that have scared you away from the dentist, it’s time you had a good dental experience. Here at our office, our goal is to make sure that you have a compassionate, gentle dental experience regardless of why you are coming in.Girl smiling.

The minute you walk through our doors it’s our job to make you feel comfortable. Before your visit let us know about any reservations or concerns you may have so that we can properly address them when you come in. After all, we want you to feel at ease here. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

When people have to get dental restorations they worry that these procedures will be painful or invasive. Our dentist, Dr. Jack Gorin, is always as gentle as possible. We strive to improve your oral health and your smile’s appearance without causing discomfort or stress. Dentistry has come quite a long way over the decades and the technology and techniques we offer are designed to give you the best care possible that is both gentle and painless. Dentistry doesn’t have to be synonymous with pain.

Sedation dentistry can also provide an additional way to ease your severe anxiety. If sitting in the dental chair let alone just calling to schedule an appointment makes you break out in a cold sweat then it’s time to talk to us about the sedation dentistry options available to you. From laughing gas to anti-anxiety medications, we can help take the edge off to make your next dental procedure so much easier.

Dr. Gorin is proud to offer comprehensive and gentle dentistry in Philadelphia, PA. We know that people don’t relish a trip to the dentist, but coming into our office might just change your mind regarding your dental experience. Give us a chance to provide you with the tender, gentle dental care you deserve. Seeing the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. Isn’t it time you put your trust back into seeing the dentist

Call our office at (215) 342-1216 to find out the ways in which we can put your mind at ease when you sit down in our dental chair.


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