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You may come to our office for a  computer simulation of your new smile. You will walk out with a  picture of your new smile.

General Dentistry"Magic" pill for anti-anxiety

Sedation Dentistry or General Anesthesia: We can restore your smile while you sleep. Whether you need simple dentistry or complete rehabilitation our office can do this service for you painlessly while you are asleep. In fact , you can have all  your dentistry done while you are asleep. We also offer the "magic" pill for anti-anxiety which helps patients  to feel very relaxed and comfortable while their dental work is being done.


If you have a smile that you feel needs improvement, wouldn't it be nice to preview your new smile before it is actually created? Our office will give you this service. Our office will show you with our new technology called Dental Imaging how your new smile will look. After you preview your new smile we can then go ahead and create this new smile for you. This service can be done while you are awake or asleep.

Jack Gorin DentistryAre you afraid of the dentist? This is called Dental Phobia. Most people are afraid-so you are not alone. Are you afraid of the needle or the drill? Again you are not alone. We have the solution. You can have all your dentistry done while you are asleep. When you wake up you will have a beautiful new smile. We have been doing this for many years and have the experience to provide you with this revolutionary service.

Wouldn't it be nice to come to the dentist only for one visit and have your teeth made that day? Aren't you tired of going to the dentist visit after visit? Our new technology can offer you immediate teeth . You can come in to our office with no teeth and leave with teeth firmly attached to your mouth with dental implants. If you are a busy professional, or a busy housewife, or anyone with a busy schedule-and you can not afford to waste your time for many dental visits-'immediate teeth' may be for you.

Wouldn't it be nice to go to the dentist and not have to be poked with a needle and not have to listen to the dental drill? We have this service. It is called Air Abrasion. With this service, Dr. Gorin will remove all decay and place a bonded restoration-virtually painlessly. All this is done without a needle and without the drill. It is truly amazing.


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